When you think of your new home or building addition, you dream of comfort, beauty and security for your family. Our Craftmaster Series patio door helps you and your builder achieve this vision. Rely on its strength, performance, durability and ease of handling. The Craftmaster Series is truly a combination of traditional craftsmanship and advanced material.





  • Vinyl clad Wood Bucked header and jamb profiles:
  • Increased rigidity and strength.
  • Eliminate the need for extra studs around the patio door.
  • Easy to secure to the house frame.
  • Ideal for new home construction and renovation.
  • User-friendly handling for retailers and installers. All Vinyl Sill:
  • Prevents roting of the sill.
  • Maintains durability of typical All-Vinyl patio doors. Variable Frame Width:
  • Designed to allow flexibility in frame width by extending the width of the wood-core.
  • Flexibility in application to houses with varying wall thickness (to accommodate different climate conditions).



  • 5-5/8” Frame, extendable to 6-5/8”, 7-1/4”, etc.
  • Available in Single Slider (OX/XO) and Double Slider (XX) functions.
  • Equal Lites on both sashes.
  • Available in mechanically-fastened standard and welded French style patio doors.
  • Full perimeter triple layer weatherstripping for excellent air and water tightness.
  • Specially formulated, color-matched sealing material for durability in performance and color retention.
  • Corrosion resistant anodized-aluminum tracks for long-lasting and smooth operation.
  • AAMA certified zinc-plated, double tandem steel roller for durability and smooth sliding.
  • Heavy-duty screen with heavy-gauge extruded aluminum frame and fiberglass mesh for solid frame and smooth operation.
  • Standard “Landmark” door handle (with lock and key upgrade) and available upgraded “Prestige” series door handles.
  • Standard size available: 5’, 6’ and 8’ width and 6’8” and 8’ height.

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